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Whatsapp for Simpler Phones

Ever since Whatsapp's inception they have been sticking to the basics, creating the perfect messaging app, and I believe they have pretty much succeeded in that is its a simple concept, it does not matter what your phone specs really are. All your phone needs a basic data pack, working display/keypad and support for java. Read more

Prevent Mac From Sleeping on Lid Close

One of the most dreadful feature in those sleek and awesome looking Mac of yours be it MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Retina, Apple never felt the need of empowering the users on what to do on closing the lid. All it does is sleep, of course Apple is concerned about the battery usage of your device. Read more

Fix for ‘No Active Devices’ error in Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is the latest feature from the house of Android which lets us get the location of the phone mapped over Google Maps, helps in finding the phone even when its in silent mode by giving it a ring from the tool. As soon as the ring button on the Android Device Manager is clicked even when the phone is on vibrate or silent it starts ringing. But many has reported about receiving "No Active Devices" error on the Android Device Manager Page. Read more

How to Cut/Copy/Paste in Android?

The three favourite operations of any PC/MAC/Linux users, programmers love it, data entry operator make living with it. But as we moved on from the computers to mobiles and tablets, these three operations were left out in the PC world. They failed to graduate in to smaller form factors, or graduated but wasn't aware by most of the users. Here is a tip on text editing in android mobiles Read more