Firefox 3 Available 4 Download

Most awesome browser known its looks and security THE MOZILLA FIREFOX is up with its Release Candidate(RC2) release. This version of Firefox 3 does not have any features added to it, but contains lots of bug fixes from the previous version. You can read the release notes and known issues before choosing to install this release candidate.

Mozilla plans to host a worldwide Download Day following the upcoming official release of Firefox 3. The number of total unique downloads will be tabulated and submitted to the Guinness World Records organization for evaluation and potential inclusion in the Guinness World Records. There is no existing record for most software downloaded in 24 hours, so Mozilla has a good chance of being the first to appear in Guinness.

Mozilla’s community-driven Spread Firefox web site announced earlier this year that the total number of Firefox downloads had exceeded 500 million. The number on the download counter continues to climb and will likely get a big boost following the Firefox 3 release. Statistics published by Mozilla’s John Lilly last year revealed that Firefox had approximately 125 million daily users—the number has since grown to approximately 175 million. Firefox market share continues to grow and is especially high in some parts of Europe.

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You can Download Firefox 3 RC 2

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