Opera 9.5 “Same Old Wine In New Vista Jar”


Even when the browser wars are at its highest peak edging each other with new features.I think Opera will have to leave the first to FIREFOX as of ever. Opera 9.5 which is boasted to have lot of great features, opera upgrades had never ever impressed me as according to me its all the old opera better of the lot, which just takes 13MB on RAM and quick with all the necessary features that a netizen requires.

Features of Opera 9.5 According to Opera Website 

  • Speed Dial
  • Mouse Gestures
  • Tabs and Sessions
  • Zoom and Fit to width
  • Customize your browser
  • Add a Widget to your life
  • Stay safe with new Fraud Protection and EV

All the features are all flashy graphical elements which suit to your ‘VISTA HOME’ , its just like having a diamond frame television for a billion dollar home, just the same old browser. Its never gonna impressed the genuine net crawlers who just get impressed with the quality of parsing of websites, memory load and performance which Firefox delivers even though it compromises in certain memory issues.

The older version of opera were never ‘Memory Eaters’ as it used just about 30MB of RAM even after one hour of browsing, but with the new version Opera 9.5 I was shocked to see the memory usage of Opera 9.5 just had shot up to 64MB with in half an hour browsing. Even the Gmail Page is not loaded with the full features.

Opera 9.5- What I Found!

  • Flashy, could attract Kids with those not the real guys.
  • Uses more of your memory (RAM) when compared to its ancestors.
  • Suits well for your Vista in only looks.
  • Lots of unwanted thing Mouse Gestures.
  • Imperfections in parsing website such as gmail as mentioned.

“Same Old Wine In New Vista Jar”

So in this season the Internet Explorer as always had lost in the race and hope with all their introductions which Firefox and Opera had put in years ago it will never qualify for the race….and now the Opera which would be penalized for the graphics inclination (as First One to was VISTA the ultimate flop) and as the real winner the Mozilla Firefox remains on the top, which is gonna create Guinness Record of ‘Largest Number of Downloads in Day’ .

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