How to Remove Windows Activation in Windows 7?

Since Windows XP Microsoft has been active with WAT which classifies your Windows as genuine or fake and once it identifies your windows as pirated it bugs you with all sorts of messages “That your Windows is not genuine, please activate it online”. The new version Windows 7 too have these sort of bugging messages. Let see how to disable the those messages in Windows 7.

How to Remove  Windows Activation in Windows 7?

Step1: Download RemoveWAT

Step2: Open RemoveWat 2.2.5 and Click on RemoveWAT the first option.


Step3: It prompts you to restart the PC.

Step4: Activation is removed and Windows will no longer bug you with all those messages, you can restore back the WAT by clicking the Option Restore WAT.

Step5: Make sure you disable all the updates so that it may not identify your copy of windows as pirated.


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  2. Thanks for sharing the idea of deactivating windows in windows7 and i am sure this will be helpful. I also needed this as i did not know how to go about this.

  3. callezee says:

    We can use this in Windows vista..

    1. Sanal Kumar says:

      i am not sure pls try it…

  4. Hey, this Remove WAT is Work so fine~ thanks for Paul upload the Remove Wat (without Virus, Malware and trojan) Cool thanks of lot!!
    It really helps me to recover my win7 pro… thank you..

  5. Enable and disable Auto-activation feature
    You can refer to the steps in the article to disable the Auto-activation feature. Although the steps are for Windows Vista, they are also fit for Windows 7.

  6. corydumpster says:

    Thanks a lot for including such procedure to remove Windows Activation in Windows 7..Now I am surely these steps are relly very helpful for this removal

  7. Somnath says:

    Thanks a ton!!!
    It solved my issue and very easy to follow the steps.

    Keep up the good job.

  8. Thank you very much. It is very helpful and the steps are very easy to follow.

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    Thank you for another essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information. Thanks for sharing!

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