How to Cut/Copy/Paste in Android?

The three favourite operations of any PC/MAC/Linux users, programmers love it, data entry operator make living with it. But as we moved on from the computers to mobiles and tablets, these three operations were left out in the PC world. They failed to graduate in to smaller form factors, or graduated but wasn’t aware by most of the users. Here is a tip on text editing in android mobiles

How to Cut/Copy/Paste in Android?

Step1: Cut/Copy/Paste options are active in any text input slot in android.

Step2: Long press over the text you want to cut/copy, if its more than one word click on the first or last word of the text.

Cut Copy Paste Android

Step3: Once you find two markers in both the ends of the selected word you can drag the markers to any side thus extending your selection.

Step4: After the markers are set you will have the options of cut/copy over the top portion of the screen.

Step5: Once selected or copied you can move to any other text input area of the same or different application and long press on the place were you have to paste the copied/cut text.

Step6: Paste option will popup, click Paste and viola..your text is there!

Happy Editing… :)

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